The history of James Greene & Associates can be traced to the founder of the agency, Jim Greene. Jim was born and spent his early childhood years in Montgomery, Alabama. His family had very little in the way of material and monetary possessions. This helped to instill in Jim a strong work ethic very early in his life. He knew that things would not be handed to him. He would have to work for everything. At the age of six, Jim was looking for an opportunity to show his ability to work. It was then that he earned his first “paycheck” of twenty-five cents for hauling bricks in his little red wagon at a construction site near his childhood home.

Even in high school, after the family moved to North Little Rock, Arkansas, Jim was busy as an attendant for a service station. This was back when service stations actually did “service” vehicles that stopped for gas. Immediately after graduation, Jim joined the Air National Guard and embarked on his military career. While in the Air National Guard, Jim learned important life skills such as discipline, teamwork, perseverance, how to complete a task and pride in a job well done. During this time, Jim was married to his sweetheart Jean. Throughout his career, Jean has been his most valuable business partner.

During his service in the Arkansas Air National Guard, Jim became a part of a pivotal part of American history. The year was 1957 and nine African Americans enrolled in Little Rock’s Central High. The school at the time was all white, and this would be the first year of integration. Jim’s unit was called into service to ensure the safety of the “Little Rock Nine.” He was very proud of his service during that time. Jim knew what it meant to overcome obstacles and to stand up for what was right.

Jim enjoyed his time with the Arkansas Air National Guard, but he knew he wanted more. Through the encouragement of a friend who had become a district manager for an insurance company, he started his insurance career. Jim figured that it made good business sense to give it a shot since the $25 he had to pay for his insurance license would be covered by the commissions he would get from selling himself an auto and homeowner policy. James Greene & Associates started from very humble beginnings in 1960. As a matter of fact, the first office was one of the children’s bedrooms. However, after just a few months, it became apparent that the office was going to have to expand. Jim found a piece of property in Jacksonville, Arkansas, for $8,000, but he needed a $500 down payment. The $500 tax refund he was getting back that year would do it. A 600 square foot office was built on that location. Over the years, additions were made, and new buildings built on that site. In 2000 the current home office located in Sherwood, Arkansas, was completed.

Throughout the years, Jim has always made time to serve his calling in missions and ministry. Jim has served as a trustee of Ouachita Baptist University. He also served many years with The Gideons in local, state and international capacities. Jim has worked with “Walk Thru The Bible,” a ministry in Atlanta, Georgia. His support has also been directed to independent missionaries in Mexico and “Living on the Edge,” a ministry led by Chip Ingram.

More recently, Jim’s focus has turned to the country of Serbia. He has worked closely with church leaders in this country to help raise up godly men and women to help reach the lost in Serbia.

Jim Greene continues to instill the precepts of hard work, faith and serving others – virtues that will continue to be a part of the agency.

What started out as an office in a child’s room has grown into an insurance agency with over forty loyal employees serving clients in seven states. Today, James Greene & Associates stands as one of the largest independent insurance agencies insuring churches and related ministries in the United States. We will continue to grow and expand into more markets and more states, with our vision always focused on “SERVING THOSE THAT SERVE OTHERS.”